Turtle Beach i60 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset Review

A large percentage of gamers from around the world play on their desktop computers. These sorts of gamers often want the best for their gaming experience, not just in terms of graphics, but more so in audio. That is why gaming headsets are dedicated only for the PC or Mac, which allows hardcore gamers to truly immerse themselves into their games. One such product that is gaining popularity among gamers is the Turtle Beach i60 Premium wireless gaming headset, but could it be the one for you? Read Our Turtle Beach i60 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset Review.

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Turtle Beach i60 wireless gaming headset Specs

The Turtle Beach i60 is specifically designed for PC and Mac gamers, offering comfort and immersive sounds. This wireless gaming headset utilizes massive 50mm speakers with acoustically tuned drivers, providing gamers with uncompressed audio of a professional grade. Not just that, Turtle Beach also boasts that the i60 Premium gaming headset has great audio performance and superior clarity. Aside from its touted great audio performance, there is also the X 7.1 Channel Surround Sound with “never-before-heard” spatial accuracy that every gamer is craving for.

The Turtle Beach i60 can also be conveniently controlled in a number of different methods such as through its sleek desktop control unit, through the headset controls, as well as through its mobile app. There are various customizable audio presets which allows consumers to easily switch through different settings, giving them easy and full audio control.

As for its connectivity, the i60 gaming headset takes wireless connection to a whole new level by allowing people to do it through Bluetooth and WiFi. This feature allows gamers the convenience for gaming and taking calls without having to get their mobile device.

Audio Quality

When it comes to audio quality, the Turtle Beach i60 truly delivers on superb audio quality, which will really allow gamers to enjoy their games to the fullest. You will be surprised as to how great the quality of the sounds that will come out from this gaming headset. The sound you will hear is very rich and the level of bass is also adequate; at the same time, the lows, mids, and highs are all delivered outstandingly.

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Not just for gaming, because of the different sound settings (surround, movie, music, and gaming) you will have exceptional sound quality to whatever it is you are listening to. These sound settings are also not just for show as they have clear and distinguishable differences, making each of them special in their own way.

More than just the superior sound quality that it has, it also has great surround sound quality. Its X 7.1 Surround Sound really hits the ball out of the park as it really immerses gamers in what they are playing. Its surround sound can only be described as being in a theatre where the audio is all around you. This gives gamers spatial accuracy when it comes to gaming, which is especially crucial when it comes to FPS games. The surround sound does not end with gaming as watching movies with this wireless premium headset will also be a treat.

Headset, Mic, and Warranty

Starting it off with its packaging, the box that the wireless gaming headset comes in really gives off a high-quality vibe to it. When the box is opened, the Turtle Beach i60 headset is neatly placed inside and comes with a useful carrying bag. Upon getting the headset, you will be able to immediately tell that it is of premium quality and finish of how well it looks and feels.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force i60 gaming headset’s ear cups have soft and supple padding, which really makes wearing it comfortable. The ear cups are elongated or are oval in shape, allowing even those with big ears to comfortably fit inside. The headband also fits comfortable around one’s head.

The buttons on this headset are also very conveniently located on either of its side. The buttons are well placed as they have ample space between them so you won’t ever have any trouble tinkering with them or accidentally pressing the wrong one by mistake. Each button serves its own purpose, making it clear and concise, so gamers will never have to memorize any sequence of pressing the button or what not.

The Turtle Beach i60’s compact base station or desktop control unit is also aesthetically pleasing in its design. It has easy access and clear buttons and controls, allowing for quick, easy, and convenient changes on the fly.

Its invisible microphone is really something note-worthy as it really functions well despite being invisible. What’s great about its microphone is that it has different mic settings to try out; each one has its own purpose such as for conference calls or talking to your own party in-game so it’s not that “one-size fits all” type of microphone scenario like other products.

As for its warranty, gamers can enjoy a limited one year warranty for their Turtle Beach i60 gaming headset. When it comes to replacement parts and accessories, which are subject to wear and tear, it has a three-month warranty.

Turtle Beach wireless gaming headset: Worth Your Money?

The Turtle Beach i60 premium wireless gaming headset in all honesty is a great and top-notch gaming headset. Its price tag of $294, which may sound expensive, is truly worth your money, especially if you are a dedicated PC or Mac gamer. The sound quality, along with the surround sound, is superb; and the headset itself is of great quality that is beautifully and smartly designed; and the variety of how to control the headset makes it a top contender.

The only real downside to the Turtle Beach Ear Force i60 headset is that it does not work with other consoles and only on the PC and the Mac, as well as mobile devices, but that can be easily overlooked because of how superior this gaming headset is.

If you are a PC or Mac gamer that is looking for a gaming headset, then the Turtle Beach i60 is worth its high price.

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