Turtle Beach Elite 800 review

It is quite challenging for gamers to find that one particular gaming headset that caters to their particular gaming needs, especially when the gamer is using one specific console. But for the gamer that is looking for that one special gaming headset they can use while they are on their Playstation 3, Playstation 4, or other mobile devices, they may consider the Turtle Beach Elite 800 review.

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Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review:Features

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 prides itself as being the ultimate Bluetooth wireless headset for PS3, PS4, as well as other mobile devices such as the Playstation Vita. Gamers can take advantage of the headset’s noise cancelling technology which eliminates any unwanted ambient sounds. Accompanying its noise cancelling technology is its DTS Headphone: X 7.1 Surround Sound feature which creates a 3D all-around sound landscape which boasts accuracy in sound. The Turtle Beach headset’s also has a lot of surround sound modes and presets which allows you to adjust your auditory experience.

Turtle Beach Elite 800 has two hidden, high-quality microphones which has environmental microphone presets, making sure that you are heard no matter how noisy your surroundings is. In addition, its microphone monitoring system allows you to hear your very own voice in the headset itself so gamers will never have to shout when conversing. And speaking about chatting, this Turtle Beach headset makes sure that you hear every bit of the conversation as the chat volume automatically increases even when the in-game volume is loud.

Meanwhile, Turtle Beach Elite 800’s sleek and stylish wireless transmitter also doubles as the headset’s charging station, and unlike other headsets, this headset’s charging station is magnetic: all you have to do is to put the headset on top of the charging station and it will conveniently charge itself up. And with each charge, you can have up to 10 hours of wireless game time. The wireless transmitter/charging station is also very easy to set up through the various USB and optical connections.

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Gaming Headset: Audio Quality

When it comes to the Turtle Beach Elite 800’s audio quality, there is a lot of room for improvement. For a gaming headset that costs around $300, you would expect great quality sounds and an audio experience that is incomparable, if not, better than majority of its rivals. However, this Turtle Beach headset has a lot of flaws when it comes to audio quality.

For a gaming headset that has separate volume controls, this Turtle Beach headset lacks volume power, a concern for gamers who love the volume to really pump out of the headset and into their ears. The audio quality is good, however, it just stays at good and doesn’t really achieve levels better than that. In fact, the audio quality is much more suitable for gaming rather than for listening music.

And probably the biggest drawback of the Turtle Beach Elite 800 headset is the faint hissing sound that you will hear. This hissing sound is more so apparent when in-game sound or music becomes too soft – an issue that a lot of hardcore gamers may not stand for. Though there are a ton of fun presets to tinker with for your gaming experience, these presets still do not change the overall audio quality and does not remove the hissing sound.

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Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review: Headset, Mic, Audio Transmitter, and Warranty

When it comes to the Turtle Beach Elite 800’s headset itself, you can take comfort in the fact that it is plenty stylish. Its smooth, clean, rounded finish and subtle color combination really is a fashion statement all on its own. The ear cups, which utilize soft and supply padding, are really comfortable. The headband, though, is not as comfortable as the ear cups as its rubbery texture lacks comfort and when worn for long periods of time, could get uncomfortable. One thing that other gamers may find pleasing is the headset’s swappable speaker plates, which allows them to fully customize the look of their very own headset.

As for the Turtle Beach headset’s dual hidden microphones, the idea of keeping it hidden is great, but the quality of the voice can get a bit muffled. However, this does not take away from the fact that the noise cancellation works well. But even with the great noise cancelling technology at work, there is still that faint hissing sound that you will get to hear.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800’s audio transmitter/charging station is just as stylish as the headset is. Just like the headset, the audio transmitter has a really clean, premium feel and finish to it. Gamers can also rejoice about the various ports that can be found at the back of the audio transmitter. If there is one thing that should be noted with this audio transmitter is that it is one of the coolest charging stations there is. All you need to do is to position the headset on top of the charging station correctly, and a light indicator will show you that it is charging – that is all there is to it!

And finally, Turtle Beach’s warranty states that in the event of a defective product, the company will replace any and all parts that are defective using new and reconditioned parts. Their warranty also states that replacement parts and accessories that are subject to wear and tear only have a three-month coverage.

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review: Is it Worth Your Money ?

Turtle Beach Elite 800 is certainly one of those gaming headsets that unfortunately went for form over substance. The replaceable speaker plate which will allow you to customize your headset is nice, the magnetic charging station is cool, the sleek and stylish design of the headset and audio transmitter is good, but this is not what matters to a gamer that wants to immerse themselves in their games and have an auditory experience that matches the game.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800, unfortunately, suffers from a lot of flaws. The dual hidden microphone quality can get a bit muffled, the audio quality is not that spectacular compared to other brands with the same price range, and of course, there is that annoying hissing sound that is just unforgivable for many gamers or even by those that just want to enjoy a good movie or listen to music. Bottom line is, when you are looking for a gaming headset with great quality: go for other brands, as the $300 price tag is not worth it.

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