Steelseries Siberia 840 Gaming Headset Review

We are reviewing a fantastic gaming headset that is compatible with your Playstation, Xbox, Mac or PC, the Steelseries Siberia 840 could be the headset you are looking for. Here’s Steelseries Siberia 840 review

Equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, OLED receivers on each ear control with zero latency connection make the Siberia 840 one of the best wireless headsets available on today’s consumer markets.

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Surround Sound

Not only will the Siberia 840 immerse you with fantastic 7.1 virtual surround sound, but the feature not one, but three types of Dolby Technologies, these include Dolby surround sound and Dolby Digital.

Wireless connection

Bluetooth connection allows you to talk via VoIP through your smartphone device and allows gamers to stream music through the headset without taking it off.

Visual Chat settings

Ever had the frustrating “in-game” background noise when you are trying to talk to a fellow gamer during gameplay?

Well, the Siberia 840 takes care of that issue as you can switch the audio levels between both, allowing you to easily communicate to your team or turn down your gaming friends’ volume if you want to concentrate on the action!


The display is designed beautifully. The Steelseries Siberia 840 has everything you would need on the interface, adjust the volume, battery life status and a lovely audio switching button, ensuring the display is really easy to navigate.

Wireless Controls

There are extremely easy to use controls on each earcup, along with a control joystick so that you can adjust the volume and flick between the most commonly used buttons without moving off your chair!

Swappable Batteries

Just so you never run out of batteries, the Siberia 840 comes with two 20-hour lithium ion batteries.

These can be changed while you are gaming without the hassle of wires and cables. The batteries are recharged in the receiver.

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Siberia 840 specifications


40mm Neodymium Drivers

Effective Range: 10 m, 30 ft

Headphone Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20000 KHz

Weight with Battery: 318g, 11oz

Weight without Battery: 297g, 10oz

Max Volume: 100dB SPL @ 1kHz

Ports: Wired Mode / Share Port,

Chat port, mini USB FW update port


Frequency Response: 100Hz – 10000 Hz

Mic Pattern: Unidirectional

Microphone Sensitivity -44 dB

Microphone Impedance 2200 Ohm

Indication: Red LED on mute


Wireless Range: 12m, 40ft straight line

Latency: <16ms, fixed

Ports: Analog In, Analog Out, mini USB, Optical In, Optical Out, Power

Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion, 1000mAh

Battery Life: 20 hours per battery

Overall review

This stunning Siberia 840 wireless Bluetooth Gaming headset from Steelseries is extremely well designed.

We found the memory foam ear pads ensure that the wearing is extremely comfortable.

Its control buttons are really easy to locate on each ear and the setting to turn down the gaming volume or talking volume is a fantastic feature.

The setup is really simple, almost straight out of the box.

Another great feature on the headsets was the ability to listen to movies either through your Smartphone or PC with crystal clear 7.1 Dolby surround sound, all wireless and clutter-free.

The Steelseries Siberia 840 price doesn’t come cheap, but they really are a high-end gaming headset and with the makers being SteelSeries, you can almost guarantee they will last you the test of time.

We think you will love these headsets and you will definitely get your money’s worth out of them should you decide to purchase them.

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