Sennheiser Game ZERO Review

When it comes gaming, one must only buy the best pair of headphones if only to achieve a gaming experience like no other. You must not miss the all new Sennheiser Game ZERO, and here is our Sennheiser Game ZERO review.

Technical Specifications

  • The Sennheiser Game ZERO is specifically made for gaming.
  • It is light at just 1.5 pounds. It has a length of 9.1 inches and a width of 9.09 inches. Its height is 9.29 inches.
  • It has an extra-large ear cups just like other closed-style headsets. It features a specific transducer technology that makes it transmit crystal clear sounds and tight bass.
  • It comes with a capable microphone that is attached to one of the unit’s ear cups.
  • It also features a volume adjuster that is strategically placed in one of the unit’s ear cups.
  • Its headband is made of leather and the ear cups are padded with foam for a comfortable feel.
  • It is flexible and can be folded to fit the case that comes along with the unit. More, the case has a comfortable handle, making this product portable.

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Sennheiser Game ZERO Review: Advantages

The all new Sennheiser Game ZERO raises the standard of gaming experience like no other. It is a perfect combination of efficiency, comfort and style.

The sound quality it produces is unparalleled. Even when the volume is low, a roomy sound stage is still created.

This headset is closed type which means its ear cups are designed to cover a user’s entire ear caps while wearing it.

This headphone’s cups are extra huge so that it can cover any ear size without any difficulty.

It is no surprise that this headset comes with an incredible amount of noise cancellation.

This feature is extremely handy in gaming since it allows users to focus more on the game itself more than any other distraction. And true to its promise of efficiency, this headset does not disappoint as it does not leak any sound.

What makes this pair extra amazing is that it is collapsible. It can be folded to fit into the case that comes along with the unit upon purchase.

Literally, you can fold it just like you fold your clothes to fit your suitcase. That is how flexible this pair is.

The case previously mentioned has a handle which makes it easier to carry from one place to another. It also has some pockets inside to accommodate the wires and other items that a user may need.

All these features may be availed of to the fullest without damage on the part of the pair. The case protects the unit perfectly while on transport.

This pair also comes with a large boom microphone. It is attached to one side of the unit.

It can transmit sounds really clearly and without unnecessary noises.

Also attached to one side of the cups is the volume controller which can be easily manipulated while playing.

The all new Sennheiser Game ZERO is made generally of plastic which makes it very flexible and durable at the same time.

However, these parts are joined together by metal joints to ensure that the parts are not detached despite movement.

The ear cups are padded with foam and the headband is covered in leather so it is extremely comfortable to wear.

More, the grip of the headband is just enough for the pair to stick to the user while playing. It is neither too loose nor too tight.


During this Sennheiser Game Zero review, we found that the Sennheiser headset does not come without any major disadvantages of its own.

It may give great sound quality but there are still some areas of it that buyers may want to give special attention.

First, while it is great at canceling noises, this pair still transmits some noise, especially while talking.

When the player makes no sound as when he does not talk, the background noises are transmitted.

Second, the pair is apparently bulky. While the case makes it safe while on transport, it is still relatively burdensome to carry as compared to other headphones in the market today.

Third, the cables and the microphone are not removable. This affords the users limited mobility while playing. It is also uncomfortable to use sometimes.

The fourth disadvantage is the sound it creates during mid-range playing. While still good, some sound details are lost when playing on mid-range.

Finally, the pair is quite expensive for a headphone. Some products offer similar or at least come close to the quality this pair offers but are incredibly cheaper than this one.

All About the User Experience

Majority of the user-submitted reviews for the Sennheiser Game ZERO are raving about the sound quality it produces.

They like how they are consumed to the game because of the sounds that play through the pair.

They like it that the pair is collapsible and can be transported safely.


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