Sennheiser Game ONE review

Trying to meet the needs of both different customers, Sennheiser offers with the Game one headset a product that offers the kind of audio feature audiophiles look for and the sound quality gamers prefer. They call it an all-in-one headset – the Sennheiser Game One PC Gaming Headset. Here is our Sennheiser Game ONE review.

Sennheiser Game One Specs Check Best Price on Amazon

Sennheiser Game One Specs

The Game One PC Gaming headset is the second offering in the G4ME line from Sennheiser – a company known for its noise-canceling earphones.

This new headset features a circumaural design that may be placed over the ear.

It’s actually an open-cup design allowing you to have better clarity and at the same time give your ears and the headsets some space.

By now, you’re probably wondering what more this gaming headset has to offer.

It has the Sennheiser Transducer Technology for more sound clarity and accuracy with noise-canceling technology and excellent hi-fi sound.

It also features ergonomic acoustic refinement and you can wear it like a headband.

The ear coupling is around the ear with an open acoustic design and XXL ear pads. The cable is also of decent length at three meters.

Sennheiser Game ONE review: Advantages

The Sennheiser brand has always been known to be a great headset for audiophiles who have specific tastes when it comes to sound quality.

They are best known for noise-cancelling headsets including those that most DJs prefer.

While they’re known to be for such, Sennheiser’s venture into the gaming world doesn’t fall short.

In fact, many of its customers were really happy and satisfied with how their Game One PC gaming headset delivers great sound quality.

The folks in Sennheiser understand what it feels like to be gaming for hours and doing so with an uncomfortable headset decreases the fun and excitement.

This probably is the reason why this headset has been designed with circumaural, velvey soft ear pads so that users won’t feel any discomfort while playing.

Moreover, its fit doesn’t feel tight because of the many adjustments it has. Its earpads clings to the head firmly without feeling too tight.

The same goes with its controls too. It has a large volume button outside of its earcup for easy adjustments.

If there’s one thing that most customers rave about this headset is its sound quality.

They were one in saying that this Game one headset from Sennheiser is definitely a good buy!

Gamers don’t like much of a bassy sounding and that makes this headset an ideal choice.

According to them, it does have that punchy boom but doesn’t sound too much, just the right amount.

Moreover, it ‘s been equipped with an open speaker allowing little sound to leak out in the room which is actually a good thing to some players.

Microphone’s just one of the best. Another good reason why this headset is a good choice for most gamers is its great-sounding microphone. Reviews about this spoke about how good the microphone is. Also, it conveniently turns off when it’s been turned down. There’s no argument when it comes to this.

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Sennheiser Game ONE review: Disadvantages

The Sennheiser Game ONE gaming headset received a farily 4.5 review score out of 5 from customers who have bought this product on amazon.

While it’s fairly a good review score, there are still those who find this product to be falling short of their expectation or somehow saw some flaws.

Local reviews and customers reviews cited that while the headset offers really good features, it also comes in with a hefty price.

For audiophiles, it isn’t something that they wanted it to be.

They’ve been accustomed to the sound quality Sennheiser brand has to offer and it has always been catering to people who are peculiar to sounds.

That is why they were kind of disappointed when they got a hand with this headset as it lacks EQ modes to boost the sounds for voice chat or surround effects.

It doesn’t have a detachable cable. Customers also talked about how this product didn’t have detachable cable. It would have been convenient for them.

 Sennheiser Game One Drivers  and All About the User Experience

Comfort wise, this product is truly lauded by many customers.

They also liked its sound quality as well as its microphone.

They say that to really harness its features, this headset must be used at home or in quiet settings.

Overall, they find this headset to be really a good buy. One of the best from Sennheiser.

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