Razer Man O’War Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Here we are again with the Razer Man O’War wireless 7.1 gaming headset review. We will start with the 7.1 channel surround sound experience.

We are going to push the boat out here and say the Razer Man O’War is certain one of the best gaming surround sound headsets we have ever tested.

With virtual reality now coming thick and fast to the gaming industry, you need to headset that is not only, keeping up with the times, but also moving ahead of the pack with new technology, and the Man O’War certainly fits that bill, as we will discuss in this Razer Man O’War review.

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Razer Man O’War 7.1 Design Review

The Razer Man O’War earpieces are one of the biggest we have ever come across!

If you have quite big ears, then the Man O’War should be the headset you are looking for.

They will quite easily cover and submerge your entire ear, ensuring there isn’t any audio leakages. Both earpieces can be customized to light up and color you like in the Synapse application.

The headband between the large earpieces is just as big and is made from hard flexible plastic.

The earpieces can be adjusted from the headband for maximum comfort. We wouldn’t say that Man O’War are the most comfortable headsets available, but the other features more than make up for that.


This is where the Man O’War comes into its own. Razer made some fantastic decisions with the Man O’War, when it comes to being self contained and portable. You’ll find all the buttons you need whilst gaming set on the headset itself.

These buttons include the main power button, 2 more buttons that can adjust the volume on each earpiece, as well as voice chat modification.

The Man O’War also has a fantastic sounding retractable microphone, so that you can place it into position to suit your needs.

The most convenient aspect of the Razer Man O’War is that you can plug a 2.4GHz dongle into the left earpiece USB 3.0 port and away you go!

The setup is much easier than plugging multiple audio cables. The dongle plugs in discreetly and is nicely tucked away inside the speaker. There is even a magnet that helps pull the dongle inside the earpiece!

The ability to pack up the Man O’War and take it with you whenever you need some serious surround sound makes the headset stand head and shoulders above other competitors. Simply connect the dongle, pull out the microphone and you are ready for your next gaming session!

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Surround sound: Razer Man O’War Drivers

The Man O’War uses an extra-large 50mm driver to submerse your ears, bringing fantastic projection sound waves for a perfect virtual surround sound experience.

With the Razer Man O’War drivers and putting gaming aside for one moment, the Man O’War is also fantastic for listening to music or the latest blockbuster movies, without needing any surround sound home system or sound bar.

The most important factor for us is that there is no audio lagging whatsoever. Razer, state that the headset can last up to 14 hours without requiring to plug in the micro USB cable, and we played three 4 hour sessions over the weekend without needing to recharge, therefore, the battery life if another great edition to the Man O’War.

Our verdict

We can safely say that the Razer Man O’War is one of, if not the best wireless surround sound headset we have had to pleasure to use.

Although it’s not the most comfortable on the market, the Man O’War more than makes up for that with the audio quality and the ability to pack it up and take it with you if you plan on gaming round at a friends.

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