Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400 Wireless Review

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400 Wireless

Console gamers want a gaming headset that will pair well with the various consoles’ beautiful graphics. Here’s our Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400 Wireless Review. Gamers do not want just a visual experience alone; they also want an auditory experience to feel the game’s true potential. Because great audio is an essential part of enjoying … Read more

How virtual surround headsets work

how virtual surround works infographic1

Virtual Surround Headsets are headsets which often feature ear cups which go over the entire ear. Virtual Surround Headsets have two ear cups, one on each side, and is usually noise cancelling so as to offer full surround quality. This sort of surround headset, which utilizes only two discrete speakers that are located respectively on … Read more

Astro A40 vs A50

Astro A40 vs A50

Astro A40 vs A50? Which one to buy? There is always some sort of doubt as to whether or not a gamer should buy the latest model of a product or choose to go to a former model of that product’s line. This is more so true when picking out a gaming headset as some … Read more

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review

Gaming headsets that are not wireless are becoming just the alternative when it comes to getting a headset. People want that mobile experience to their headsets that is why if a gaming headset is not wireless, it should really be outstanding. Find the Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review here. The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset … Read more



It is important for gamers to jump right into any gaming platform that they want whether it is on the PC, on the Xbox, or on the Playstation. However, that doesn’t have to mean needing different sets of headsets, you just need one good gaming headset to cover all platforms. Could the Skullcandy PLYR1 7.1 … Read more

MAD Catz FREQ 9 review

Mad Catz FREQ 9

Gamers make use of any and all platforms they can get a hold of. Whether it is on the PC, Mac, tablet, phone, or consoles, gamers demand the best for their gaming experience and this means great audio. It can be difficult to find that one headset that can cover all the platforms, but the … Read more

Turtle Beach Elite 800 review

Turtle Beach Elite 800

It is quite challenging for gamers to find that one particular gaming headset that caters to their particular gaming needs, especially when the gamer is using one specific console. But for the gamer that is looking for that one special gaming headset they can use while they are on their Playstation 3, Playstation 4, or … Read more