Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage Wireless v2.0 Review

Gamers who play on the PC or Mac are always looking for that one gaming headset which they can use to help them enjoy their games to the fullest. But when a gamer dabbles into other platforms, specifically the Playstation 4, a certain kind of gaming headset is needed.

Could the Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage Wireless Gaming Headset v2 be that gaming headset you can use for the PC/Mac and Playstation 4?

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Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage v2 Specs

Creative boasts that this gaming headset is made for serious gamers and that it will deliver superior uncompromised wireless gaming audio. To make the Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage v2 deliver this superior audio, Creative has enlisted SBX Pro Studio’s use to transform the sound into an audio-realistic experience.

Speaking of audio-realistic, through the 3D Surround Sound 7.1 audio, gamers can fully immerse themselves into the games that they are playing.

The audio is delivered through 50mm Full Spectrum Drivers which will allow gamers to experience 3D gaming audio, massive bass, and great highs.

This gaming headset also promises static-free wireless audio with ultra-low latency so you can enjoy the sounds without any trouble at all.

You can fully customize both your audio experience and the headset’s ear cup illumination, giving it that very personal touch for each user. Gamers can choose over 16 million colors to illuminate the ear cups to match your taste, team color, or mood.

The on-ear audio controls will allow you to control the game’s volume and even mute the microphone easily. The control this headset gives you doesn’t stop there you can take on a completely different persona as you game through Voice FX.

Gamers can take advantage of all these features with the Tactic3D Rage v2’s 16-hour battery life.

Audio Quality

The Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage v2 has good audio quality. The 50mm drivers really do make a difference in delivering quality audio which makes gaming a great experience. You can enjoy detailed sounds, particularly the highs, and have great amount of bass.

What really makes this gaming headset stand out from other products is that its software, such as the SBX Bass and SBX Crystalizer, will allow gamers to fully control their games’ sounds on the PC or Mac.

Through this, you can play a game and customize how it sounds through the use of the software easily. Unfortunately, this audio customization cannot be done for the Playstation 4, so you will have to make do with the sounds you will get when you use it on the console.

The Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound delivers on its promise and is not just for show.

You will be getting an audio landscape that is quite accurate, and what’s more is that you can also pump up the volume really high, perfect for gamers who want that ear drum-crushing audio.

Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage v2 Headset, Mic, Warranty

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Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage v2 is very comfortable to use, though it will take some time to fully break it in so that it fits your head perfectly.

When it is broken in, you will find that you will be wearing it all the time because of how comfortable it is to one’s ears and head.

In addition to how comfortable it will fit you, given time, gamers can take comfort in the fact that its bands are made from steel instead of the usual plastic, so you won’t have to worry about them snapping off on you because of one wrong move.

The headset controls are quite nice but are only limited to a few controls, such as the volume wheel and the mute button for the microphone.

While some gamers like to be minimalists when it comes the controls on their headset so that they won’t get too cluttered, some will surely miss other buttons and settings which they can control right from their headset.

Two great bonus features you can take advantage of with the Tactic3D Rage v2 is the illuminated ear cups and the Voice FX. With over 16 million colors to choose from to customize the ear cups, your pair will surely be both unique and a standout from others’.

Gamers who want a bit more fun out from their gaming headsets will surely love the Voice FX.

Those who are playing MMORPGs will enjoy this feature as they can use it to fit their characters in the game. But all of these features do take away from its battery life, which may only last you 9 hours from the promised 16 hours, which is still quite good.

The microphone of the Tactic3D Rage v2 is detachable, so you can keep it away whenever you are not using it.

While the mic does work well, some gamers find that people they have partied with cannot understand them, which may be a hindrance, especially when trying to coordinate things in-game.

The Tactic3D Rage v2 is covered by a 1-year limited hardware warranty when it comes to its warranty.

Worth Your Money

For the price that is far below $100, this gaming headset truly is worth it if you are playing on the PC, Mac, and Playstation 4.

Sure, it doesn’t perform that well on the Playstation 4 when compared to the PC/Mac, but it will certainly do.

You can customize a lot of things such as its illumination, voice effects, and audio quality (a feature that is lost on the Playstation 4) is already good in itself for its price tag.

The Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage v2 is quite comfortable once you break it in, the audio quality and the surround sound are also good, and the battery life is quite lengthy. If you can shrug off the somewhat bad mic performance and the minimal audio customization on the Playstation 4 then this gaming headset is for you.

For the price of below $100, which is really cheap, this headset, along with all of its features, is a must-buy.

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