Creative Sound blaster evo ZXR review

For the gamer that plays on different consoles, one gaming headset should do. If the gaming headset was packed with features, was easy to use, and has great audio quality, it would automatically be that one headset which can cover all of your gaming needs. Could that all-in-one gaming headset be the Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR review?

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Creative sound blaster evo zxr wireless headset Review: Features

The Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR boasts of using powerful audio processing capabilities with its built-in SB-Axx1 audio processor which is said to significantly improve the sounds delivered to your ears, even from the most compressed sources. The EVO ZxR makes use of Fullspectrum 50 mm audio drivers which are said to reproduce the whole audible range of the audio spectrum, guaranteeing that you will not miss a beat. And through the Sound Blaster EVO ZxR, you will get the opportunity of listening to cinematic, virtual 7.1 surround sound.

With the EVO ZxR utilizing Bluetooth, its aptX and AAC technologies ensures that audio transmitted over Bluetooth is clear and unhindered, while its touch-pairing technology allows you to simply tap your Near Field Communications-enabled device onto the headset to enable Bluetooth pairing.

Its Sound Blaster Central app allows anyone to fully customize their auditory experience, whether it is adjusting the bass, or just wanting a more immersive audio quality. This app caters to sounds coming from Music, Movies, and Gaming.

The Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR features comfortable ear cups which do not permit any external noise in, while its Active Noise Cancellation feature cancels out any ambient noise so you will only hear what you want to hear. Through the use of the TalkThrough button, you will never have to take off the headset when someone is talking to you or when you want to talk to someone.

Meanwhile, the Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR’s dual microphone makes use of advanced CrystalVoice technologies which guarantees that voice communication will always be clear, effectively reducing ambient noises and echoes.

Creative sound blaster evo zxr Audio Quality review

When it comes to the Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR audio quality, it receives an average grade. The sound quality is good and is fully customizable. Its bass is also rich and warm which some listeners or gamers would want. However, there is nothing really extraordinary about the audio quality of the EVO ZxR. But gamers can rejoice with the fact that it has a mode that caters to gaming, unlike other headsets like the Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300, which only has Movie and Music modes.

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As for the EVO ZxR’s surround sound, it also delivers on just a good quality, nothing more than that. However, some gamers may find the surround sound to be a bit lacking as it does not exactly pinpoint where the sound is coming from that accurately – an issue which some first-person shooting gamers may find hard to digest.

Headset, Mic, and Warranty review

The Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR’s headset is plenty stylish. It has a modern look to it with its red and black color scheme. You can tell with the stitching on the ear cups that great care was put into manufacturing the headset. The glossy finish also gives you that feeling of a premium quality to it. The ear cups of the headset are really comfortable, making use of memory foam padding, even when worn for long periods of time. The foam padding on the headband is also very comfortable, so you won’t have any reason to take it off.

The headset is made from both plastic and aluminum. At first glance, the headset may seem durable what with the plastic backing on the aluminum headband, however, the black plastic and the three screws on the headband is actually the weakest point and may be susceptible to breakage. A good take-away from the headset is that it is quite light for a wireless headset.

The headset, which has a battery life of just 8 hours – ample time for a hardcore gamer’s play session – has all the buttons you will need on the right ear cup. For the gamers that also love listening to music, you will be happy to know that there are also buttons to skip tracks.

What’s worth mentioning is the Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR’s stylish pouch that it comes with. With the pouch that comes right out of the box, you already have that great travelling case with you as the pouch can hold the headset and has enough space for other cables and etc. at the back side of the pouch.

The dual microphone that the Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR has delivers ok quality. Its active noise cancellation feature does work really well and the added bonus that there is no microphone arm dangling in front of your face is also a welcome plus to the headset.

A great feature that the Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR has is the Sound Blaster Central app which allows you to fully customize your auditory experience as well as check the headset’s battery life all through your mobile device. The usefulness of the app really shines when the headset is paired up with mobile devices, however, the app may run into a few problems when using it on the PC as errors may occur.

When it comes to the headset’s compatibility, it only works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, iOS version 5.0 and above, Andriod version 2.2 and above, and Playstation 4. It does claim that it works on Xbox One, however, there are issues with the connection as the microphone won’t work or that there is no sound to be heard.

As for the warranty, coverage lasts for 12 months (24 months for those in the European Union) and the limited warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse, improper handling, and external causes.

Is it worth Your Money ?

All in all, the $200 price tag for the Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR may be ok but there are certainly better gaming headsets out there that deserve your attention. Its headset finish does look durable but it has its weak parts; its audio quality and microphone are ok; its Bluetooth connectivity is good, not to mention the great app; but the fact that you may run into some problems connecting the headset to some platforms or operating systems can be an issue. The EVO ZxR performs well but it just stays at ok.

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