Corsair Gaming VOID Pro Wireless RGB Review

Some say that PC gamers are on the top of the gaming hierarchy with the powerful hardware they have access to. Thus, PC gamers want nothing more than the best, which includes the gaming headset they use. Headsets can make or break the game because when the audio does not match the graphics, the overall experience suffers. The Corsair Void Pro Wireless RGB review.

The Corsair Void is a wireless gaming headset that just might bridge great graphics with audio, but will it suffice?

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Corsair boasts that Void is part of their advanced and innovative gaming headsets which will allow players to stay one step ahead of their enemies.

Staying true to being innovative, the Void sports a design which is unseen with other gaming headsets as it does not have round ear cups.

They say that their “True Form” shape ear cups allow them to fit one’s ears perfectly and comfortably.

The innovative ear cups are made from microfiber-wrapped memory foam, enabling gamers to play for long periods of time.

Aside from the comfort it may give you, the Corsair Void Pro Wireless also allows you to customize how the ear cups look as each ear cup has LEDs.

These LEDs can illuminate to show any of the 16.8 million colors, and the lights are also adjustable in terms of their intensity and pattern.

When it comes to audio, the Void uses 50-millimeter neodymium drivers which Corsair says creates staggering bass, dynamic range, and with astounding highs.

All of this can be heard through genuine Dolby 7.1 surround sound which gives gamers that accurate audio landscape.

This Corsair Void Pro wireless gaming headset also has some unique features, such as the InfoMic, which is a couple of LEDs that will tell gamers the settings they have on their headset and when the headset is running out of power.

Void also has CUE controls, which Corsair says allows gamers to change the settings of their audio quickly. Changes can be made through both the digital dial and push button; through these you can change things such as the volume, EQ presets, and toggle surround sound on or off.

And to round everything off, the Void will last through long gaming sessions as the battery has around 16 hours of life to it.

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Audio Quality

Going straight to the point to its audio, the Corsair Void’s audio quality is great. You can really tell that the audio quality of the Void was made for gaming.

Lovers of bass will really appreciate this headset as there are ample amounts of bass to it; you will really love the sound that explosions have on this headset.

Meanwhile, while loud and impactful sounds really do make a mark on you, subtle sounds, such as footsteps, are not left behind. There is amazing detail to be heard from the Void and the amazing audio quality does not stop there.

Once the Dolby 7.1 surround sound is toggled on, your ears will be treated to fantastic audio that really does open up the world around you as a vast expanse of gaming bliss.

The surround sound will have you moving accurately, with each gun shot or cry being spatially precise.

Headset, Mic, Warranty

The Corsair Void Pro RGB’s headset really puts comfort to the next level. Its innovative design really pays off, no matter how different it looks.

The design of the ear cups really was made for your ears as it is ultra-comfortable.

What makes the design of the ear cups all the more better is the microfiber-wrapped memory foam that really carves out a comfortable space just for you.

Even when you are wearing glasses or have a big head it is still quite comfortable, with the pinch of the clasp being just right.

Unfortunately, if there was one downside to this headset’s comforts, when you do move your head forwards, there is a slight tendency that it fall off your head.

While this problem is easily avoided, you cannot deny how comfortable Void feels around your head.

When it comes to the headset’s overall construction, you will find that it looks and feels sturdy. Unlike some of the headsets in the market today which are made from plastic and feel as brittle as the material, the Void feels solid.

You can really tell that a lot of thought was put into it.

As for its customization, you can really personalize how the LEDs light up.

Gamers who want to be unique can choose the color they want and easily set up the whole thing.

Those who don’t really care about this feature can simply turn it off and add some more time to their battery.

The microphone performs quite well, with your voice being heard loud and clear. It has the basic function of raising the boom to mute it which is useful.

The stand-out feature of the mic is the LEDs which tell you if the battery is low or what settings you have on. It’s a relatively simple feature which is really helpful.

The CUE, or the Corsair Utility Engine, should be mentioned in this review as it really is helpful in decking out the sounds or setting it up to the way you want it to be.

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Aside from setting up the sound, you will find other things to control in this software, such as the LEDs’ colors, pattern, and intensity.

Finally, the Corsair Void is covered by a limited two year warranty that does not cover problems and damage from normal wear and tear, abuse, neglect, accident, and that from modification, and etc.

Worth Your Money

The Corsair Void wireless has a reasonable price tag, a good price for a great product.

If you are a devoted PC gamer and are looking for something to invest in, then Void is the headset for you.

The audio quality is great, the comfort is excellent, and mic is good, and the other features make it a great buy.

If you can avoid moving your head while gaming, then the slightly loose fit problem is no issue at all.

In all honesty, the Corsair Void wireless is a must-have especially for its affordable price. It certainly is worth your money.

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