Astro Gaming A38 Wireless Headset Review

Astro Gaming A38 Wireless Headset Review

Gamers can come in various platforms. It’s not always on expensive consoles such as the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One.

Some of the times, there are those who have dedicated themselves to playing on their mobile devices such as phones or tablets.

There are gaming headsets for these kinds of gamers as well, such as the Astro Gaming A38 wireless headset review, which we will be taking a look at to see if it is worth your money.

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Astro Gaming A38 wireless headset  Review: Features

Astro boasts that their A38 wireless gaming headset is built for the ultimate mobile gamers who use their tablets, notebooks, and smartphones.

Using Astro Audio, the people behind the A38 say that they have worked with pro gamers and top audio designers to deliver the highest level of clarity at every frequency, whether it be for music, movies, or gaming.

The A38 is said to have been made from premium materials, which makes it surprisingly lightweight and highly adjustable.

The premium construction on this wireless headset allows for it to be clamped on for several days or remain flat around one’s neck. And for those who are looking for a little personality and customization to their gaming headsets, you can take advantage of the A38’s customizable speaker tags.

With Astro’s magnetic speaker tag system, you can use any tag which fits your mood or style. Using the Speaker Tag Customizer, you can also design your very own.

People who are always on the go can stay mobile as this wireless gaming headset uses APTX low latency Bluetooth with AAC high-fidelity Bluetooth playback, so you know that you will be able to connect easily and be on your way with any Bluetooth enabled device.

You will get to stay mobile and play for long periods of time as the A38 packs hours into its battery; you can talk for over 15 hours, listen to music for 20 hours, and have it fully charged in only 5 hours.

Audio Quality

The Astro Gaming A38 wireless headset is made for those on the move and as a gaming headset that relies on Bluetooth connection, the audio quality on this product is good.

It can also be considered as the best when compared to other Bluetooth headsets which are specifically for mobile use. The sound delivered to your ears is crisp and detailed, and you will never get those distorted sounds which is all too common in other Bluetooth headsets.

The A38 also doesn’t rely on bass and use it as a crutch to sound as if it is performing well like other headsets. You won’t be getting that overwhelming bass; just the perfect amount to actually hear what you are playing.

The ear cups on this wireless headset is also something worth mentioning under the audio quality category as the ear cups really do help in making the audio better.

The large ear cups on the A38 provides a rather unique way of delivering audio as you will get a sense of distance from the sound; audio may sound as if it were coming from both near and far, when all along the headset is just clamped onto your head.

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Astro Gaming A38 Wireless Headset, Mic, Warranty

When it comes to the Astro A38’s overall headset, you will find that it is surprisingly lightweight, just as Astro claimed it would be. You will really be amazed at how lightweight it is when compared to its size.

What’s more is that it is also very comfortable to wear on your head. While some other Bluetooth gaming headsets clamp down on your skull tightly, the A38 does so without any excess force, just enough to keep it on your head comfortably.

As for the aesthetics of this wireless headset, it is undoubtedly sleek and stylish. It’s a headset that you won’t be ashamed of having on your head when you are walking down the street. The finish that it has really speaks premium, every screw on it is placed well, and it looks super durable.

For those who are also looking for more style, the additional tags which you can put on the ear cups add more points to its design. There are a number of different tags to choose from and if you can’t find the one you like, you can always design your own yourself.

The A38 uses two active noise cancelling voice microphones which really do the work.

With the A38, you can easily switch between gaming on your smartphone and answering a call in a snap, and you can be understood pretty clearly.

When you combine the noise isolation of the headset with the noise cancellation of the mic, you will really be feeling and talking as if you were alone.

The battery life on this headset also delivers on Astro’s promise of lasting really long.

While the hours on it depends on how you use it, you are guaranteed that it will last you for several hours.

And finally, when it comes to its warranty, it has a one-year warranty which covers the headset’s defective parts and faulty workmanship. The warranty, however, does not cover damages caused by accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, and etc.

Worth Your Money

The Astro Gaming A38 wireless headset comes at a price of around $150.

When it boils down to its very essence, this headset is totally worth your money if you are a gamer who plays on your smartphone (iOS and Android), Playstation Vita, and on the PC and Mac.

This gaming headset has little to no flaws at all, except for the fact that it won’t work on major consoles, and it doesn’t have any software or app which will allow you to control the audio, which other gamers might be looking for.

But if you were a mobile gamer who likes putting it on, listening to great audio quality and doesn’t want to tinker on any settings, then this one is for you. For its price, function, and design, the Astro A38 is worth every penny.

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