ASTRO Gaming A30 Review

ASTRO Gaming A30 review

When it comes to gaming headphones, the all new ASTRO Gaming A30 is a clear competitive choice.

Supported by a Dolby surround system, you will definitely get your money’s worth for it, and here is our full review.


Technical Specifications

The ASTRO Gaming A30 is relatively light at just 11.4 ounces. It is a dome type, oversized headphones specifically designed for gaming.

This pair of headphones works well with various gaming platforms ranging from PC, console, and mobile devices.

It is best with PS4, PS3, 360, PC, and Mac. It also features the award-winning Dolby 7.1 powered Astro MixAmp Pro. With this feature, a player is afforded of different options of EQ modes.

A unit of the all new ASTRO Gaming A30 comes with a pair of headphones, Astro Speaker Tags and the Astro MixAmp Pro.

It comes with a 2-m A30 inline mute cable with a 65 mm PC splitter cable.

A set of cables are also in the unit for the MixAmp. It includes a 3-m optical TOSLink, 12’USB-USB Mini, a 6 inch Xbox Live Chat Cable, a 6 inch 3.55mm audio cable, a headset Y-adapter, and daisy chain ports.



Without any doubt, the all new ASTRO Gaming A30 is among the top choices for a gaming headphone.

With all its features, one could only be blind or insensitive not to see what this pair offers.

The greatest feature it could offer is probably the quality of sound it transmits.

Since it is powered by Dolby, it creates a very reaslistic surround sound that is impervious to any hiss or any background noise. The sound is very crisp and clean and the bass is tight because of its signal-noise ratio.

You can hear every detail of the sound effects meant to provide an entirely new gaming experience like no other.

If used for PC and other devices, this pair of headphones may be used without the MixAmp.

But when using the Xbox, the use of the MixAmp becomes indispensable.

While bulky, the pair of the all new ASTRO Gaming A30 is lightweight and stylish.

It has a slightly retro feel to it with some modern touches. It also very comfortable to wear since there are no hollow points in the plastic of which it is made of but it is also very flexible.

The headphones come with a boom microphone that may be attached on the left side of the pair.

It is detachable and is ideal for game chats. Remove it and you can stylishly answer calls without looking like an alien of some sort.

The MixAmp that comes along with a pair is definitely worth every penny you spend for it.

Its oversized volume control makes it easy to adjust.

It also has two buttons for the kind of sound you want to experience: either the surrounding system or stereo. The MixAmp is powered by 4 lithium ion batteries just in case power sources are not available.

The MixAmp is very versatile as well. At its back, it has ports for MP3 cable, PC microphones, USB wire, and many more.

There is also an input for the headset and the Xbox cable. Setting all these up is also very easy. All you have to do is attach the cables to their respective inputs and you are all set to play.

Astro also includes all types of cables that you need. The wires are all durable and may even be used apart from the use of the headphones itself.


As with any product, the ASTRO Gaming A30 has its own weaknesses.

These disadvantages are merely minor but you might still want to consider these when buying a pair.

While the pair comes with a handy hard case, its MixAmp does not. And since the latter is slightly bulky, it will definitely consume some space in your bag.


This notwithstanding, this device is still handy and very portable.

You can still carry it from one place to another but at the risk of having lesser space inside your bag. It would have been better had Astro provided for a case for both headphone and MixAmp.

The battery pack for the MixAmp takes 36 hours to charge but may only work for just 6 hours.

There’s a lot of charging going on should you want to use its battery. This device works better when plugged through a computer or the USB cable as its power source.

When on stereo mode, the sound becomes less defined. Some details of the sound are omitted. Nonetheless, the realism that comes with the sound is not sacrificed, and overall may still be considered a good sound experience.

All About the User Experience

Most of the users of the ASTRO Gaming A30 are raving about the quality of sound it produces.

They are extremely happy of their gaming experience considering that they could hear every detail that the sound effects are supposed to give.

They also like the snug fit of the pair and the variety of options they could have through the use of the MixAmp.

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