Astro A40 vs A50

Astro A40 vs A50? Which one to buy?

There is always some sort of doubt as to whether or not a gamer should buy the latest model of a product or choose to go to a former model of that product’s line. This is more so true when picking out a gaming headset as some consumers believe that the newest model doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better. With different brands of headsets in the market coming out with a new model for their line almost every year, should you go for the newest one?

ASTRO A40 vs A50, two gaming headsets that come from the same line, are perfect examples of products that make choosing difficult for some consumers. But is it worth spending your money on the newest model, or are you better off with the older one?

Astro A40 Review

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The ASTRO A40 certainly looks very appealing, sporting that modern look that can make any gamer swoon. Made from premium materials, this gaming headset is very lightweight and will not weigh you down even for long periods of game time. It is also very comfortable to wear around your head and your ears, aside from being very durable.

What’s unique about the A40 gaming headset is its customizable speaker tags which allows you to personalize your very own pair. This sets your headset apart from everyone else’.

Astro a40 headphones

The A40 gaming headset is also wireless, and will need a set of 3 AAA batteries for it to function, and this set of batteries can last you a minimum of seven hours and maybe a maximum of 15 hours. You can, however, purchase a separate rechargeable battery for this headset.

ASTRO A50 Review

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The ASTRO A50 is also very comfortable to wear as it was also made from premium materials. Your head and your ears will be thanking you despite long hours of gaming with the comfort that it offers. A similarity that it has with the A40 is that it is surprisingly light on your head, so you will never have to feel weighed down.

Astro gaming a50 wireless headset

Getting beaten by its predecessor when it comes to customization, the A50 headset does not come with any customizable speaker tags, so you will just have to be content with the way that they look. Speaking of its looks, this gaming headset also sports a very modern finish, one that you would not be ashamed of taking everywhere.

And as a testament to its premium quality, it is durable – durable to the point that even when you accidentally sit on it, it will not get broken.

Also a wireless gaming headset, it comes with a rechargeable battery which you can charge on its transmitter. Each charge can last you anywhere between six and seven hours.

Astro A40 VS A50 Microphone

Astro A40

The A40 gaming headset’s microphone performs quite well. It does an average performance in allowing you to communicate properly with your teammates. The unique thing about the A40’s microphone is its detachability; in addition, you can place it on either side so you can choose whichever side you are more comfortable having your microphone in.

Depending on the console that you are using it on, you may find a slight difference in its performance; on some consoles it can be great, while on some consoles, the audio has the possibility of breaking up.

Astro A50

The A50 gaming headset’s microphone on the other hand is not detachable, but it delivers on its promise of performing well. There’s nothing really bad with it, nor is there anything outstanding about it. One thing that you should know about its microphone is that its performance may vary depending on the setting you have on your console. All in all, though, this headset has a solid performing microphone.

Astro A40 VS A50 Audio Quality


The sound on the ASTRO A40 is great, making use of ASTRO Audio leads to games, music, and movies having amazing sounds. In fact, its great audio quality would make you want to replay all your games once more so as to dive in deeper into those games music and sound effects.

The A40 has great surround sound, as it will give you that audio landscape that gamers are looking for. But its surround sound doesn’t really compare to that of its newer brother’s.


The ASTRO A50 has great audio quality as well. It can really give you a more detailed audio experience as it allows you to hear more from what you are listening to. The volume on this headset is quite decent as you can pump up the volume and hear every ambient noise a game has.

The Dolby Surround Sound 7.1 does make the A50 take lead on the audio department as it will really give you in depth sounds that are truly immersive. You can really enjoy every gunfire, explosion, or blood splatter, and you can actually tell where they are coming from.

ASTRO A50 Vs ASTRO A40: Which One to Choose?

With all of the facts laid out on the table, deciding which one to get can be easier now.

The ASTRO A40 has a very comfortable headset which allows you to play for long periods of time without being weighed down by it. You can also customize it to make it your own through the different customizable speaker tags. Aside from being comfortable, this headset is plenty durable. The only drawback to the headset is that it requires batteries, or a separate rechargeable battery to fully enjoy it without the worry of it running out of juice.

As for its microphone, it has a few issues, but this depends on the console and the settings that you have. And as for audio quality, it delivers on great sounds, but it not up to par with the A50 especially with the surround sound.

The A40 and A50 are equal when it comes to comfort. The only thing you are losing with the A50 is customizability. Its microphone also has an average performance, but it does not have the slight issues that the A40 has. As for its audio quality, A50 takes the cake as it gives you more detailed sound as well as better surround sound quality.

Considering all of the factors in, the A50 is the winner with this match up as it has more advantages than the A40. But by all means, if you are a gamer that does not really dig that deep into all of the factors, but want the extra customization, get the A40.

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